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Bad Credit Personal Loans / Credit Impaired
Those with "bad credit" may still qualify for a  loan even if their credit file has one of the following:
  • Paid Defaults & Unpaid Defaults - Generally need to be paid for 12 months before applying on serious credit contract defaults
  • Bankruptcy or Part IX Debt Agreements - (must be discharged 12 months or more - no multiple Bankruptcies).
For Personal Loans:
From $500 to $3,000 Unsecured Personal Loan
From $500 to $5,000 Secured Personal Loan (with a registered unencumbered car as security or as a car purchase)

For Secured Car Loans: Read Guidelines before applying Guidelines.pdf
   Loans From $8,000 to $100,000
* Applicants under 23 years of age may require an asset backed guarantor
* Minimum 6 months Full time employment or 18 months of casual employment (NO Applicants on Probation Period)
* Unpaid Financial Judgements/Writs are not acceptable on secured car loans